As a business, we have been conscious of what direction we should be assisting our industry in moving towards

With the ever-increasing critical need to make changes towards a more sustainable existence on this planet, we as individuals and as businesses have never before faced the challenges ahead. Our planet and in particular its Oceans now depend on us all to help persevere the very elements our industry operates in and wholly depends upon.

Given the blinding need to plan for the future and help better prepare for the drastic changes to travel, transport and leisure in which must accelerate, we have reviewed our entire ethos to how we must evolve with the huge changes expected over our very own lifetimes.

To help initiate our long-term evolution towards what is expected of us all, we have created – BGM ECOtech SYSTEMS.

We remain fully dedicated to supporting our clients across our core engineering and electrical services we will be actively developing through our ECOtech brand, towards clean, reduced or non-fossil fuelled propulsion and onboard eco-friendly energy systems.

Our new ethos under the ECOtech brand is to help promote, sale, install and support equipment from marine industry pioneers who have equally recognised and reacted to the changes required by developing and producing true viable onboard eco-friendly products.

Say hello to the future of anti-fouling and wave goodbye to weeds, barnacles, mussels, toxic biocides, micro-plastics, hull, etching & the endless cycle of hoisting, jetting, cleaning, masking, repainting.

Sonihull ECO – protects with the power of ultrasound, keeping bio-fouling at bay, wherever have unwanted weed, algae, mussels or barnacles.


WhisperPower are driven by a distinctive challenge: our products are only seen as perfect when you can neither see nor hear them. Their innovation efforts are geared towards creating silent and vibration-free power systems that do their work without interruption. WhisperPower sets itself apart by offering smart innovations that prove their value in everyday operation. Their reliable hybrid technology ensures full comfort at the lowest emissions rate.


There’s a misconception that due to the vastness of the ocean, chemical pollution is diluted to the point where there’s no impact. But that’s simply not the case.

A lot of man-made chemicals, similar to plastics, don’t degrade and will exist for decades in the marine environment. Chemical pollutants can affect entire generations of marine mammals by building up and passing through to their young through breastfeeding. Chemicals affect fertility and disrupt marine wildlife’s energy balance, hormonal and immune systems. This leaves wildlife more vulnerable to infectious diseases and other stressors such as climate change.


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